About our next speaker Focus magazine says he is “Germany’s best innovation psychologist”, “I’m also the only one” says the innovation expert himself. His audience calls him “an incredibly passionate speaker with longterm impact”!

He lives in San Francisco, without a doubt the number one hotspot for the most innovative companies of our time. For 6 years he has been helping clients around the globe to fail professionally and he has done so very successfully.

As a researcher he has been teaching at leading universities all over Europe, in 2014 the German Speakers Association awarded him with the Newcomer Award for his outstanding speech on the evolution of ideas. Today from California for you on stage, a warm welcome, Christoph Burkhardt! 

I help organizations around the globe to accelerate their innovation-driven growth by applying a bigger picture approach to strategy, leadership and cultures of innovation.

Christoph bridges the gap between the most recent research on innovation from Behavioral Economics and Cognitive Psychology to the everyday practice in organizations around the globe.

Christoph delivers mind bending keynotes on the latest trends in digital tech and beyond, what these trends mean and why they change everything about how we do business. He also speaks on the future of work, how organizations cope with rapid change and why diversity and internationalization make businesses more adaptive.

He also provides industry specific executive briefings on leading innovation teams, decision making and execution of innovation projects in agile environments, change and diffusion strategies in complex organizations as well as human centered innovation strategies.

His in depth workshops are hands on ideation experiences in which a group of people develops 1000 raw ideas into 100 product, service or business cases out of which they kick off 10 innovation projects – all of which within 24 hours. Topics range from HR challenges to exciting product opportunities all the way to identifying completely new markets and customer segments.

Christoph is the creator of the TinyBox Academy, a blended learning approach to innovation guiding through the complete process from ideation, evaluation and execution of new products, services or business models all the way to making innovative ideas stick with the right target group.

Christoph is an international strategy consultant on innovation management. He is Vice President, Innovation Leadership with PLOT Inc, a San Francisco based Think Tank and Leadership Agency.

  • Experienced innovation facilitator and strategy consultant to companies like Intel, Siemens, BMW or Lufthansa
  • Author and award winning speaker on innovation strategy, chaos and disruption;
  • Researcher and Faculty at several leading European universities including ETH Zurich, LMU Munich, RWTH Aachen and the European Institute of Technology
  • Doctoral Candidate in Economic Psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich; thesis on “The Evolution of Ideas”
  • Master’s degree in Organizational & Social Psychology from the London School of Economics

After graduating from the London School of Economics as an Organizational Psychologist I have worked as an independent business consultant and facilitator of change and innovation with global Fortune 500 companies as well as SMEs. My work ranged from facilitating ideation of products and processes to decision making architecture and organizational design. I have trained and consulted with people in the management of complex projects, in communicating executive decisions effectively to overcome resistance and in global leadership in VUCA environments (high volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). I have a strong quantitative research background, delivered lectures and graduate courses at several leading European universities, went through extensive media training and enjoy communicating complex matters to a wide audience.

Expertise in: innovation strategy, ideation, execution, decision paralysis, diversity and collective intelligence, global trends, resistance to change, communicating complex ideas and strategic decisions